Puff Fall Aster
Aster, Puff

Bright snow white daisy-like aster with yellow center will give new life to the end of the...

Snowflake Candytuft
Candytuft, Snowflake

A carpet of large pure white clusters in spring on an evergreen variety of the popular plant.<...>

White Out Iberis
Candytuft, White Out

An improved Variety that has more uniform flowering with dense branching. Masses of pure white...

Crazy White Echincea
Coneflower, Crazy White

This variety has large daisy-like flowers with drooping, pure white petals surround a large...

Johnson's Blue Geranium
Geranium, Cranesbill Johnson's Blue

Johnson's Blue forms a spreading mound of dense, deep green foliage then in June through...

Chater's Double White Hollyhock
Hollyhock, Chater's Double White

A favorite of the old fashioned garden. This plant has stunning pure white double blooming...

Jewel of the Desert Moonstone Ice Plant
Ice Plant, Jewel of the Desert Moonstone

This dense mat forming perennials has pure white blooms spring through fall.

Magic Fountains Pure White Delphinium
Larkspur, Magic Fountains Pure White

Perfect for smaller gardens, this variety has the same magnificent blooms, but a smaller habit...

Beauty of Moscow Lilac
Lilac, Beauty of Moscow

This hybrid is a large shrub with fragrant, typical lilac flower panicles produced in mid...

Wonderblue Lilac
Lilac, Wonderblue

A hybrid that is a large shrub with fragrant, single, sky blue flowers on typical lilac flower...

Blue Hill Salvia
Meadow Sage, Blue Hill

Blue Hill has a true blue flower spike.

David Garden Phlox
Phlox, Garden David

David is a popular variety of garden phlox with clusters of five petaled pure white flowers on...