Fireball Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Fireball

A shorter Bee Balm with upright stems that burst with ruby red flowers in summer.

Red Cinquefoil
Cinquefoil, Red

Attractive wave of rich red flowers produced on slender stalks above a dence mound of hairy,...

Centurion Crabapple
Crabapple, Centurion

Narrow upright form which produces 5/8" glossy, cherry red fruit. Foliage emerges reddish,...

Indian Summer Crabapple
Crabapple, Indian Summer

A broad, globe shaped crab with attractive flowers in spring followed by bright red 3/4" fruit...

Dave Fleming Hibiscus
Hibiscus, Hardy Dave Fleming

Ruby red flowers that are very large with contrasting yellow stamine. Makes a great border in...

Horsechestnut, Red
Horsechestnut, Red

Broad, rounded dense shade tree with large (up to 10") red blooms in late spring. Fairly...

Dragon's Blood Sedum
Sedum, Dragon’s Blood

Foliage starts out green with red margins turning blood red in fall Matt forming succulent...

Red Carpet Sedum
Sedum, Red Carpet

 Reddish foliage turns deep crimson in winter. Matt forming succulent plants.  Rabbit...

Rosy Glow Sedum
Sedum, Rosy Glow

Also known as Stonecrop and Live Forever. Forms a clump of blue green foliage with rich ruby...

Sunset Cloud Sedum
Sedum, Sunset Cloud

Masses of vibrant rose red flowers on steel blue foliage provide stunning color late summer...

Cruizin' Mainstreet Coreopsis
Tickseed, Cruizin' Mainstreet

Ruby red flowers will cover the compact mound of thread leaf foliage. Great selection for hot...