Black Adder Agastache
Agastache, Black Adder

Spikes of vivid blue flowers are attached to aromatic foliage. Attracts hummingbirds and bees,...

Golden Jubilee Agastache
Agastache, Golden Jubilee

Large blue-violet flower spikes arise from striking golden foliage. Attracts hummingbirds and...

Rocky Mountain Penstemon
Beardtongue, Rocky Mountain

This penstemon has a beautiful dark blue violet flower and blooms in the spring. Cut off...

False Indigo
False Indigo

Upright shrub-like perennial. Attractive seedpods provide winter interest. 

Camelot Lavender Foxglove
Foxglove, Camelot Lavender

Sturdy stocks of tubular lavender flowers with a white rimmed dark throat. Biennial. Prefers...

Excelsior hybrids Foxglove
Foxglove, Excelsior Hybrids

Thimble-like purple flowers on slender leaves. Deer and rabbit resistant. To 7,500'

Foxy Hybrids Foxglove
Foxglove, Foxy Hybrids

A mix of colored blooms, with dark maroon speckles, makes this a unique variety. Deer and...

Southern Belle Hibiscus
Hibiscus, Hardy Southern Belle

Also known as Rose Mallow. Southern Belle is a mix of flowers in shades of pink, red and white...

Chater's Double Mix Hollyhocks
Hollyhock, Chater's Double Mix

A double-flowered hollyhock mix with flower spikes of rose, pink, yellow, salmon, scarlet,...

Single Mix Hollyhock
Hollyhock, Single Mix

A single flowered Hollyhock mix with flower spikes of rose, pink, yellow, salmon, scarlet,...

New Millennium Dwarf Stars Delphinium
Larkspur, New Millennium Dwarf Stars

This compact selection is a great option with double blooms in rich, vibrant shades of purple,...

New Millennium Stars Mix Delphinium
Larkspur, New Millennium Stars Mix

Mixed and majestic delphiniums selected for strong stems, classic pyramidal form, and thick,...