Mountain Gold Allysum
Allysum, Mountain Gold

Forms a low, trailing mound of silvery-grey leaves, bearing masses of bright-yellow flowers in...

Pink Creeping Baby's Breath
Baby's Breath, Pink Creeping

Low, mat forming perennial with gray green foliage that will be covered with small starry soft...

Pink Fairy Baby's Breath
Baby's Breath, Pink Fairy

This Baby's Breath forms a cloud like mound of gray green foliage that will be covered with...

Golden Spring Basket of Gold
Basket Of Gold, Golden Spring

Low-growing, spreading groundcover loaded with Sulphur-yellow flowers in early spring

Golden Tiara Clematis
Clematis, Golden Tiara

Golden flowers with thick petals and blackish-purple stamens

Nelly Moser Clematis
Clematis, Nelly Moser

Large pale pink flower with lilac pink bar in the center of each petal

Coral Bells, Pewter Moon

Perennial with a clumping habit and rounded silvery leaves with contrasting pewter veins and...

Hancock Coralberry
Coralberry, Hancock

Dwarf shrub with profusion of red berries in clusters.  This low spreading plant is excellent...

Crandall Clove Currant flowers
Currant, Crandall Clove

Crandall Clove has yellow flowers in spring, flowers are a sweet, spicy fragrance, fruit is...

Fairy Tale Pink Daylily
Daylily, Fairy Tale Pink

Pale pink flowers arise from grass like foliage. Long lived, requiring little attention. Heat...

Siskiyou Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose, Siskiyou

Saucer shaped flowers that are pale pink, 2" wide on small dark green, lacy foliage.

Twilight Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose, Twilight

Purple-bronze variegated leaves have green edges with pale pink, saucer-like flowers in summer...