Lilac Time Scotch Broom
Broom, Lilac Time

Lilac Time grows in a tight mound, has fragrant lavander pea like flowers in May and June.

Lo & Behold Lilac Chip Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold Lilac Chip

Soft lavender-pink flowers are fragrant and attract butterflies. Reblooms until frost. Dwarf....

Lochin Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lochinch

Upright shrub with slender, arching stems and narrow gray-green foliage. Terminal flower...

 Little Trudy Nepeta
Catmint, Little Trudy

A compact selection with a low spreading habit and smaller aromatic foliage than other...

Aureomarginata Hosta
Hosta, Aureomarginata

This Hosta is a variegated variety that has deep green leaves with creamy yellow margins. Bell...

Fire and Ice Hosta
Hosta, Fire and Ice

This small hosta is a striking addition to any shade garden. Lavender blooms rise above the...

Golden Prayers Hosta
Hosta, Golden Prayers

Thrives in dappled morning sun to shade. Golden prayers has golden yellow foliage which needs...

Krossa Regal Hosta
Hosta, Krossa Regal

Frosty blue green, wavy leaves form a vase shaped mound which gives this beauty a different...

Minuteman Hosta
Hosta, Minuteman

An improved form of 'Patriot' with a darker green center and a more creamy white borders....

Patriot Hosta
Hosta, Patriot

Lavender bell shaped flowers rise above medium green foliage which has a pure white margin.

Pearl Lake Hosta
Hosta, Pearl Lake

Pearl Lake is a compact grower ideal for small gardens. Lavender blossoms appear mid summer in...

Regal Splender Hosta
Hosta, Regal Splender

A stunning, upright, vase-shaped variety, with frosty blue leaves and creamy yellow margins....