Colonnade Maypole Apple
Apple, Colonnade Maypole

Ripening in September the fruit is best used for cooking and...

Golden Lights Azalea
Azalea, Golden Lights

Resulted from crosses made between R. x kosteranum and R. prinophyllum. Deciduous. Likes...

Coral Reef Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Coral Reef

Monarda has delightfully fragrant foliage and unusual flowers. Deep pink flowers sit on top of...

Early Bird Gold Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Early Bird Gold

This Rudbeckia is a little unique as it is not dependant on day length to start blooming which...

Little Goldstar Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Little Goldstar

A smaller version of Goldstrum. Still as the same great bright yellow flowers with a black...

Pink Cat Catmint
Catmint, Pink Cat

Deep pink flowers on this compact mounding perennial with minty smelling foliage.

Canyon Delight Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Canyon Delight

A small mounding perennial with green leaves and deep pink flower.

Indian Magic Crabapple
Crabapple, Indian Magic

Open, rounded habit adorned with persistent 1/2" glossy red to orange fruit. Disease resistant...

Silver Beacon Spotted Deadnettle
Deadnettle, Spotted Silver Beacon

A good ground cover for part shade that blooms from June through frost. Silvery green foliage...

Bressingham Beauty Astilbe
False Spirea, Bressingham Beauty

Large deep pink plumes rise above a mound a dark green foliage in mid to late summer. Prefers...

Mighty Chocolate Cherry Astilbe
False Spirea, Mighty Chocolate Cherry

Showy deep pink blooms rise on chocolate-red stems above clumps of ferny dark red foilage that...

Rheinland Astilbe
False Spirea, Rheinland

Large deep pink plumes rise from a mound of dark green foliage. Prefers cool, moist locations...