Apricot Sprite Agastache
Agastache, Apricot Sprite

Spikes of apricot, tubular flowers are attached to delicate, aromatic foliage. .Attracts...

Mai Tai Guem
Avens, Mai Tai

Ruffled, semi-double to single, apricot flowers blushed with rose that lighten to peach as...

Golden Lights Azalea
Azalea, Golden Lights

Resulted from crosses made between R. x kosteranum and R. prinophyllum. Deciduous. Likes...

Early Bird Gold Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Early Bird Gold

This Rudbeckia is a little unique as it is not dependant on day length to start blooming which...

Little Goldstar Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Little Goldstar

A smaller version of Goldstrum. Still as the same great bright yellow flowers with a black...

Ruffled Apricot Daylily
Daylily, Ruffled Apricot

Large apricot flowers with ruffled edges arise from grass like foliage. Long lived, requiring...

Halo Apricot Hollyhock
Hollyhock, Halo Apricot

This plant will stand 5' and has spectacular large single apricot flowers with a deep red eye...

Honeybelle Honeysuckle
Honeysuckle, Honeybelle

An upright hardy vine that can grow 10-20‘ tall.  Produces golden yellow flowers that bloom...

Sweet Fragrance Rose
Rose, Sweet Fragrance

Sweetly fragrant, apricot blossoms.maturing to salmon pink on sturdy canes making this a great...

Sunburst Hypericum
St. John's Wort, Sunburst

Blue-green leaves with yellow flowers during summer. May die to ground in harsh winters.

Double Apricot Sunrose
Sun Rose, Double Apricot

Lovely double flowers of apricot above small, compact green foliage.

Jethro Tull Coreopsis
Tickseed, Jethro Tull

Open faced flowers with unusual tubular petals rise above a dense, compact plant with slender,...