Sensation Deep Blue Salvia
Meadow Sage, Sensation Deep Blue

Compact with short spikes of deep blue flowers. Deadheading encourages a longer bloom time. If...

The King Garden Phlox
Phlox, Garden The King

This striking variety of garden phlox has clusters of strongly scented, deep purple flowers.

Sea Holly
Sea Holly

Sea Holly forms a low mound of thistle like foliage that is dark green and heavily veined with...

Tall Blue Veronica
Speedwell, Tall Blue

Stiff stems create an upright clump with slender spikes of deep blue flowers that rise above...

Spirea, Dark Knight
Spirea, Dark Knight

A compact, rounded shrub with narrow, silvery-green foliage on slender stems. Similar to 'Blue...

 Homestead Purple Verbena
Verbena, Homestead Purple

Dark green foliage with a trailing habit that will bloom deep purple clusters of flowers June...