Parryman's Agave
Agave, Parryman's

Parryman's is native to Arizona, New Mexico and Northern Mexico. This plant has gray green...

Ajuga Bronze Beauty
Ajuga, Bronze Beauty

Fast growing ground cover, for shade, that has leaves tinted with shades of purple and bronze....

Burgundy Glow Ajuga
Ajuga, Burgundy Glow

Fast growing ground cover, for shade, that has dappled grean, pink, and cream leaves.Brillant...

Chocolate Chip Ajuga
Ajuga, Chocolate Chip

Fast growing ground cover, for shade, that has rich, chocolate foliage. Brilliant deep blue...

Ajuga, Mahogany

Fast growing ground cover, for shade, that has deep mahogany leaves. Brilliant deep blue...

Lemon Lights Azalea
Azalea, Lemon Lights

Resulted from crosses made between R. x kosteranum and R. prinophyllum. Deciduous. Likes...

Concorde Barberry
Barberry, Cabernet

A dwarf globe shaped barberry with deep purple, velvety foliage. The more sun, the deeper the...

Crimson Pygmy Barberry
Barberry, Crimson Pygmy

A thorny miniature red-leaf barberry. Has a brilliant red fall color and persistent red...

Emerald Carousel Barberry
Barberry, Emerald Carousel

A rounded and arching shrub with deep green summer foliage, bright yellow flowers and late...

Kobold Barberry
Barberry, Kobold

An excellent dense, compact variety of barberry with glossy dark green foliage, bright red...

Ruby Carousel Barberry
Barberry, Ruby Carousel

Red barberry chosen for its excellent red color and low, rounded uniform growth habit. 

Barren Strawberry
Barren Strawberry

This evergreen groundcover adapts to most soil conditions and can tolerate dry conditions...