Siiver Brocade Artemisia
Artemisia, Silver Brocade

Felt-like, silver foliage has uniquely shaped leaves of deeply divided, rounded lobes that...

Lilac Lights Azalea
Azalea, Lilac Lights

Lilac Lights produces deep lilac flowers in mid-spring before leafing out for the summer.

Gold Ball Basket of Gold
Basket of Gold, Gold Ball

Easy care perennial for a burst of early spring color. Can withstand poor soils and is drought...

Henry Eilers Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Henry Eilers

This Black Eyed Susan has tubular petals, on this yellow flower with a large dark center. 

Herbstonne Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Herbstonne

Herbstsonne Rudbeckia is a summer blooming perennial with a unique green cone that is...

Fanfare Citronella Blanket Flower
Blanket Flower, Fanfare Citronella

Sunny yellow blooms that show off from ealry summer through the first frost.

Kannah Creek Buckwheat photo courtesy of Plant Select
Buckwheat, Kannah Creek

Showy yellow flowers in late spring. The yellow flowers age to shades of orange and and rust...

Buckwheat Sulphur Flower
Buckwheat, Sulphur Flower

Bright yellow flowers cover a tight dome of green foliage late spring through late summer.

Burning Bush
Burning Bush

Bright red fall color. Dense grower with cork-winged twigs.

Dwarf Turkestan Burning Bush
Burning Bush, Turkestan

Very hardy shrub, similar to Darf Burning Bush, but with finer foliage texture. Foliage turns...

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle
Bush Honeysuckle, Dwarf

Mound-shaped spreading habit offering bronze-green foliage and small yellow flowers.

Pygmy Caragana
Caragana, Pygmy

A.K.A. Pygmy Pea Shrub. Graceful foliage and a fine texture with light green color. Small...