Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer seminars?

Yes. We offer many seminars and have found that our best attendance is in the early spring. At Fossil Creek Nursery, we have a room dedicated to these educational seminars. Check our website regularly and join or email list for popular topics that are covered. Often times, our presenters help out local gardening, civic and charitable groups.

What is the growing zone of Fort Collins?

Inside the City where there is protection from buildings and other plants, we are a zone 5. Out in the open area where the plants are exposed, we recommend using zone 4 plants.

What is the average last date of frost in Northern Colorado?

We use the average date of May 15th. Remember that since this is an average, the frost could come after that date.

How soon will I get fruit on my apple tree?

Generally speaking, you should start to get flowers the second year after planting. Although, several variables influence this process; for example, when the tree is young and small there are fewer branches with flowers which results in less fruit; the timing or lack of frost; pollination by a bee carrying the appropriate pollen; or birds and squirrels disturbing the fruit.

Do you offer delivery and installation service?

We certainly do. Our experienced crews have delivered and installed plant material all along the Front Range from Wyoming to Estes Park, all the way to Colorado Springs. We also have a variety of service levels, ranging from curbside delivery to complete installation and staking.

What is a bareroot plant and why are they cheaper in the nursery catalogs?

A bareroot plant is a plant that has been properly harvested from a growing field. The plants are sorted by grades, bundled and shipped to nurseries that generally plant them into a container for sale after establishment. Fossil Creek Nursery offers these plants for sale in the spring before the crop is potted for their own nursery crop. Bareroot plants are significantly less expensive since there is no pot or soil and the shipping is much less. Fossil Creek Nursery purchases a #1 grade plant which means its size will be useful in the landscape quickly. Many mail order nurseries buy inferior grade plants that are much smaller because they have to ship individually. At Fossil Creek Nursery you can see the plant before you buy it. In fact, plants for an entire front yard can be carried home in the average car and weigh less than 100 pounds.

What is included in your personal gardener service?

Consultations will take place at your home by an experienced, competent nursery employee. We provide an assessment of your property’s landscape and suggestions for your landscaping needs, identification of existing plants and recommendations of plants to consider. This is a great opportunity to learn from our experts and take notes to implement in your home or garden. The cost is $75.00 for every 30 minutes on-site. The homeowner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to use toward their next purchase of $300.00 or more. Pricing is valid for the Fort Collins/ Loveland area.

Why should I shop at Fossil Creek Nursery?

Fossil Creek Nursery is a family owned nursery that has been in business for over 50 years. This local business has educated its employees to provide you with expert advice on plant material in Colorado and Wyoming. We have many certified nursery professionals and are excited about our diverse selection of plants. We also are a great resource for general landscaping techniques.