Bonsai Basics

Saturday, Jul 24th 2021 5:45 pm
7029 S. College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

RVSP required*

Bonsai Tree, Pot, Soil, and plant set up is $35 or 55 depending on the size of plant set up chosen.

Have you been interested in the art of Bonsai? Want to take one home but not sure where to start? We have the perfect class for you! Enjoy some adult beverages and cheese while we take you through the basics! We will be providing all of the supplies and products that you will need in this incredible class! We have our expert, Doc, here to take you through the exciting process of picking your Bonsai tree, creating the perfect environment, and building your set up to take home with you! Don’t worry - we are also going to be discussing how to care for your new Bonsai tree! From watering to fertilizing, and pruning to transplanting - we will ensure that you are ready for your new hobby!

Join us and you will receive 20% off of your next purchase!


Small Package $35 - SOLD OUT


Regular Package $55 - SOLD OUT