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When you think of tropical places, Fort Collins, Colorado likely isn’t top of mind. While we may be very landlocked and have tumble weeds where other places have grapefruit trees, growing and caring for tropical plants is possible here! In fact, we have several plants in our greenhouse that are of the tropical variety that would look lovely in your home or office.

General Care


There’s still a bit of a chill in the air, and while you may be itching to get out to your garden, let’s use the colder months to appreciate houseplants! We’re very excited about our current houseplant selection (20% off until January 31, 2020!) which includes favorites such as bromeliad, string of pearls, dracaena, and so much more. If their beauty isn’t enough to convince you, we have a few fun facts about the other benefits houseplants bring to our lives.

Air Cleanliness

christmas tree

Fossil Creek Nursery to Give Back to Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity this Holiday Season

goldfish plant

It’s getting cold outside, so cozy up inside with our Fossil Creek Favorite houseplants! Our greenhouse is looking fabulous this time of year, bursting with houseplants that are waiting to find their forever home with you.

Ornamental Pepper

Oh, Hail No!

Living in northern Colorado, you’re no stranger to hailstorms. These storms tend to pop up fast and furious and may leave damage behind. Hail is created under very specific conditions within a storm cloud. Warm air rising carries water droplets into the cold cloud, causing it to freeze and gather layers upon layers of ice. When the ice chunks get too heavy, they will fall. Hail often melts on its way down to earth, but it is more common in northern Colorado because of the high elevation. At around 5,000 feet high, there is less time for the hail to melt on its way down.

Have you seen small, half-moon shaped holes taken out of the leaves in your garden? This may be a sign of leafcutter bees. They use the pieces of leaves to build nests. Leafcutter bees are great at pollinating, so it is best to leave them alone and allow them to exist peacefully in your garden.


If you’re one of the lucky ones to own fruit trees in northern Colorado, it’s time to be thinking about spraying! It can be difficult to choose which fungicide and pesticides to use for your plants, especially if you’re wanting to stay organic and not kill all the good bugs. We recommend the Natural Guard Spinosad Soap. This concentrate is from a natural substance that is made by a soil bacterium. It is used in many pesticide products and due to its natural formation, some of them are even approved for use in organic agriculture.

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We’ve picked out a few special plants for you this month. Many of these varieties are on sale now, so check the Specials page on our website for current sales and deals! Several of these are also in bloom right now, so stop by our nursery at 7029 S College Ave to see the beautiful flowers and chat with a knowledgeable employee.


Fun Rose Facts

One of the most well-known flowers, roses can be found any time of the year in any color. In honor of June being national rose month, we’ve rounded up some fun facts about this beautiful flower.

What’s blooming at the nursery this month? The answer: a lot! We’ve gathered together a few of our favorite plants, trees, and shrubs right now that you should definitely come say hello to while they’re looking their best.  

Purple Robe Locust