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A wildflower is a flower that is growing in the wild, meaning it was not seeded or planted by humans. Wildflower is a term used loosely in a landscape situation as most wildflower seed mixes that are used will have no native species in them. We (people) like to mimic that look by planting a mix of flowers creating a natural looking stand of flowers.

Our list of bare root plants for spring 2013 is attached at the bottom of this blog.  Come in today to pre-order and save 10% off these already great prices.

1. Winterize your lawn. Winterizer is the most important fertilizer for your lawn, since lawns store nitrogen for the winter.

2. Wrap your trees. It is important to wrap your young trees for the first two or three years using a crepe tree wrap. It is very important to wrap your maple tree until it starts to get adult bark or until the canopy sufficiently shades the trunk. We recommend that you put your tree wrap on about Thanksgiving and take it off about Easter.

The McCleland’s started an apple orchard in Fort Collins in the late 1800’s. This apple orchard took up a good deal of land on the south part of Fort Collins.  The McCleland’s would sell scions (cuttings from the apple trees) to the public to make a living. 

In 1969 they sold one acre of land to a young couple to use as a plant nursery.  Thus, Fossil Creek nursery was born.  Fossil Creek Nursery has been in its current location for a little over fourteen years.         

Garlic has arrived! Here are the garlic varieties that we are carrying this year, so come on out while supplies last.  All of our garlic is organic.

Bogatyr-Purple Stripe Hardneck

Better have your fire extinguisher ready - if you like hot garlic, you'll love this one! Bogatyr is one of the spiciest varieties around and is a challenge for the palate. It averages 4-7 huge cloves per bulb, stores up to 9 months, and is ideally suited to colder climates.

California Early-White Artichoke Softneck

Please see the following helpful September tips for your garden:

I believe the best time to divide irises is the fall. And I have found that anytime after August 15th is considered fall to irises. Periodically you must divide to keep them in good health and blooming nicely. I try to divide mine every three years but never let them go longer than five years without being divided. I have found that if I divide and replant them in the fall they will more regularly bloom again the following season. My luck has been that if I divide and replant in the spring, they skip a season to bloom.

  • We are nearing the middle of August and many plants are starting to show signs of stress from our hot, dry summer. Pruning promotes good health and vigor and will usually spark new growth. Plants that are showing stress can be downsized to help them with drought and heat stress. It is not recommended to take more than one-third of the plant.
Garden Accents

Some might think it is too hot to plant. This might be a great time to add some extras to your garden. Maybe you have been dreaming of a fountain, bench, or maybe a statue.

Water is always a great addition to the garden whether it is in the form of a fountain, pondless water feature, or a pond. I don’t think there is anything more soothing than the sound of water moving. It can do a spectacular job of drowning out annoying neighborhood noises.

Ladybugs are a great thing to have in the garden. Both ladybugs and ladybug larvae eat aphids and other small soft bodied insects. They also eat pollen and nectar which make them excellent pollinators.