Why Buy a Real Christmas Tree?

November 12th, 2018

Fossil Creek Nursery has been selling freshly cut Christmas trees year after year in Fort Collins. Every holiday season, Fossil Creek Nursery brings hundreds of trees in-store to sell from November through December. The varieties of Christmas trees include firs, spruce, and a wide range of pines with the lodgepole pine and subalpine fir coming from native Colorado tree farms. 
Not only are you supporting a local business when purchasing your live Christmas tree from Fossil Creek Nursery, but there are many benefits to buying a real Christmas tree.

  1. The smell: Real Christmas trees give off a fresh scent that is comforting and therapeutic. It is sure to put you in a better mood and get you into the holiday spirit!
  2. Recyclable: Real trees are recyclable and are biodegradable. They can be broken down and used for mulch and other purposes. If you feel bad about having a real tree, don’t worry. Three trees are planted for every one that is cut down! 
  3. Healthier for your home: Freshly cut trees absorb carbon dioxide and boost oxygen in your home. Fake trees contain PVC or polyvinyl chloride that have various toxins and other chemicals. Producing fake trees releases harmful chemicals into our air.
  4. No storage space needed: Most likely, your Christmas decorations take up a large amount of storage space year after year. However, if you buy a real Christmas, there is no need for extra space to store it!  
  5. A perfect family outing: Picking out the family Christmas tree each year is an event for the whole family to enjoy. Spend time with your loved ones as you celebrate the season and create lasting memories for all to enjoy. Plus, by buying a freshly cut Christmas tree, you get to hand-pick the backdrop for the holiday family photo.  ;)

Fossil Creek Nursery, located at 7029 S. College Avenue, is your place for freshly cut Christmas trees this holiday season. Be sure to visit us Nov. 23-Dec. 24 to check out our selection of trees and to shop holiday décor. For additional questions on tree species and how to take care of a freshly cut tree, give us a call at 970.226.4924.