What is Spinosad Soap?

July 18th, 2019

If you’re one of the lucky ones to own fruit trees in northern Colorado, it’s time to be thinking about spraying! It can be difficult to choose which fungicide and pesticides to use for your plants, especially if you’re wanting to stay organic and not kill all the good bugs. We recommend the Natural Guard Spinosad Soap. This concentrate is from a natural substance that is made by a soil bacterium. It is used in many pesticide products and due to its natural formation, some of them are even approved for use in organic agriculture. Fossil Creek Nursery carries many forms of this pesticide, manufactured by the company Natural Guard.

Spinosad Soap Concentrate is great at killing those ‘hard-to-kill’ bugs like the borers or spider mites, Japanese Beetle, and Colorado Potato Beetles. It has contact killing properties and works quickly, making it very effective. Many experts recommend spraying your trees periodically every 7-10 days up until a few weeks before you harvest.

Borers are capable of significant damage to trees and shrubs, including your fruit trees. They tunnel beneath the bark and chew through water and sap-carrying veins. As a result, the tree suffers from girdling, branch dieback, and overall weakness and eventual death of the plant. It’s important to catch these insects at the beginning and stop them before they damage your trees too much.

While borers rarely attack strong, healthy trees, fresh transplants can be in a weakened state. Natural causes such as drought or sun scald can also weaken the tree and make them an easy target for borers. If you suspect that your trees have been infested, watch for wilting, branch dieback, broken branches, or cankers and cracked bark. Additionally, a tree that has been infested before is more likely to be re-infested again and again since it is already existing in a weakened condition. This can be prevented by spraying your fruit trees with a product such as Spinosad Soap.

When setting out to spray your trees, make sure to do it at an optimal time. Fossil Creek Nursery recommends spraying at dusk to avoid killing all the good bugs. They only come out during the day, so dusk is a safe time to spray. Be careful to follow instructions on your spray very carefully, as this is the most effective and safest way to use these chemicals. Cover your skin and wear gloves for your own protection. Our staff at Fossil Creek Nursery are very knowledgeable in this area and can help you decide what pesticide is best for your landscape. Stop by today at 7029 S College Ave, we’d be happy to see you!Spi