What to do with your holiday tree after the holidays!

December 14th, 2017

The holidays come and go, as does the life of your Christmas tree. Before you kick them to the crib, consider one of these reduce, reuse, recycle options for your tree this season!

The Pine Needles

  • The needles dry up quickly and then decompose slowly. They’re an excellent source of mold-free moisture for your outdoor landscapes!
  • You can also trim off boughs from the tree and lay them over your perennial beds. They’ll act as a natural insulation source and protect your perennials from the coming snow and frost.
  • Bring them indoors! Bag up some pine needles in a decorative mesh bag to place in your home to make the freshness of Christmas last just a bit longer.

The Trunk

  • Chop the trunk into coasters! They make for homemade décor that is sure to last a lifetime. Sign the underside of the coasters with the date and year to always have memories to look back on. Look here for some ideas from Pinterest on how to do so!
  • Different lengths and widths of the trunk can make for dramatic displays. Chop the trunk into different sizes and use as a stage for your next DIY coffee table!

The Branches

  • Strip small branches from the tree and use them as support twigs for your indoor plants. Gently attach your houseplants to left over branches to help guide their growing patterns.
  • Scatter them throughout your yard to act as jungle gyms for the squirrels! Or, cover some pinecones with peanut butter and bird seed to make the birds’ season merry and bright.  

The Tree

  • Firewood anyone? If using in an indoor fireplace, be cautious of the “popping” needles as they can sometimes literally burst into flames.
  • Chip it! Grab a few friendly neighbors to split the cost of a chipper and make it a neighborhood chip party. Next spring, you can spread the wood chips under shrubs to add nutrients to the soil.

Ditching the tree entirely? Check out your local city’s plan for recycling used holiday trees.

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