Tree Talk: Growing & Viewing Aspen Trees

September 14th, 2017

September is that sweet spot between summer heat, crisp mornings and leaf color changes. That being said, Colorado is infamous for having a spectacular outdoor architecture and September marks the start of road trips to the mountains to see the color changes of aspen trees.

Lucky for us, aspens thrive in higher elevations. If you’re planning on planting your own colorful forest, know that they grow extremely quickly and are a hardy addition to your landscape. We recommend buying aspen as nursery grown trees (rather than collected trees) as they are often much less susceptible to diseases and are stronger in nature. It is best to plant your aspens on the northern or eastern side of your home, as they do best in a cool, moist environment.

Be aware that aspen trees can populate quickly and can spread throughout your landscape. There are ways to control your growing aspens and our experts can provide suggestions on best ways to grow and maintain these natural beauties.

Classic Colorado Aspen Viewing Spots

Taking a Colorado adventure to the best spots for viewing these giant beauties is the perfect weekend activity. Carry your cameras, pack your phones and take a road trip tour of the golds.

Here are some of our favorite spots for checking out the color changes:

  • Poudre Canyon
    • Hop on Colorado Highway 14 and drive west. That’s about all you need to know.  
  • Peak to Peak Highway
    • The stretch from Estes Park to Central City has non-stop views of aspens. Ride the route in the early morning to see the trees in the best golden hour.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
    • Not wanting to drive? Hike around RMNP to Bear Lake or Glacier Gorge to get up close and personal interactions with the golden giants.
  • Pingree Park
    • Very near and dear to Fort Collins’ heart, Pingree is only about 30 miles up the Poudre Canyon and has several impressive pockets of aspens.
  • Kenosha Pass
    • It’s further from home, but the view after you pass over Kenosha Pass is unbelievable. Just before you hit Fairplay, the fall foliage is spectacular.
  • Cottonwood Pass
    • Further towards Buena Vista, Cottonwood Pass is a scenic route that needs to be on your next aspen road trip list.

Stop by Fossil Creek Nursery to pick up your golden additions to your landscape, so that your aspen viewing can be right in your backyard.

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