Time to Pick Those Red Currants!

July 12th, 2021

Though our growing conditions can be challenging at times,  a wide variety of fruit can be grown here with a minimum amount of care.  One of my favorites is Currant (Ribes species).  I love growing them in my home garden because they are not readily available in the supermarkets.  They are full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. 

Red currants are borne in clusters and generally are deep red and soft when fully ripe. Pick currants by pinching off the main cluster stem at the base, using the forefinger and thumb. For jelly, pick them slightly underripe when the pectin level is high. For juices, jams and tarts, pick them when fully ripe and soft. Picking may last two or three weeks, as they remain useable for some time while on the bush. Red currants are preferred for fruit production, are tart, and often are used in jam, pies, and cakes! 

Start harvesting now! To ensure you reap the maximum amount of your bounty you must protect them from birds.  Currants are not only tasty to you but also to the birds!

Currants will rarely fruit in the first year, and typically don’t produce well until two to five years after planting. The plants from nurseries have often been growing for two to three years already, so you can expect fruit immediately from those. Currants are extremely long-lived and can continue producing for two to three decades if properly maintained.


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