Spring Care Tips

May 25th, 2016

You can feel the days warming and getting longer, so it is time to plant away.  We wanted to give you a few spring care tips for our area:

Black Spot on Aspen:  If you have had black spot problems on aspen you should try to spray the tree with a fungicide. One spraying now will keep you from having those ugly leaves in July. 

Pine Tip Moth:  If you have had trouble with Zimmerman Pine tip moth, this is the time of the year that they begin to move ad are vulnerable to insecticide.  This insect can attack your Austrian Pine, pinion Pine, or Ponderosa Pine.  The larvae from this insect cause the tips of the pine to die back in late May.

Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid:  If you have the brown galls on your spruce trees and would like to stop them now is the time to be spraying.  Cooley spruce gall is caused by a small insect that lives in the tip of the spruce for a couple of years.  They really don’t hurt the tree unless the infestation is really bad but humans don’t like to look at them.

Shrub fertilization: You feed your grass to keep it nice, you also need to feed your shrubs once per year.  We recommend Jirdon’s tree and shrub food.  It has balanced nutrients for our soil.  Also if your plants have been showing symptoms of iron chlorosis that is light green to white leaves and dark green veins along with stunted growth.    Now is the time.  You put this on the ground under the plants drip line.  Make sure you water it in.

Apples: If you want to make sure that the apples you are growing in your back yard do not have worms now is the time to take care of them.  There are several insecticides labeled for the codling moth but be careful as many of them are tough on our bees. We also have coddling moth traps which have pheromones (an insect sexual attractant that brings the moths away from the apples and into your little trap.  Try it for organic apples in your backyard.

Grubs:  You may want to watch for gatherings of birds feeding on the lawn.  As the soil warms the grubs will become more active and can cause damage to your turf grass.  


Just ask one of our experts and they can help you select the correct product for all of these issues and more. We have many synthetic and organic pest controls and fertilizers to fit your needs.