September Plants of the Month

September 4th, 2018

Looking to learn more about the various plants and trees we have here at Fossil Creek Nursery? We asked a few employees and here are their top choices for the month of September!

1. Sedum (Stonecrop) Zone 3-9
Sedum are a hardy, succulent plant that can tolerate almost anything. They are the perfect plant to establish in dry or rocky areas of your landscape. Sedum are resistant to poor soil conditions, humidity, heat and drought. They require low maintenance and are a tough plant that can handle Colorado’s harsh summer and winter conditions. Sedum have thick, plump leaves to store moisture in warm weather. Their size will vary depending on the variety of full sun. Sedum come in a variety of colors and draw in butterflies, birds, and helpful insects. Green Wheel Hens and Chicks, Dragon’s Blood, Angelina, and Blue Spruce Stonecrop are a few varieties of Sedum you can find at Fossil Creek Nursery.

2. Fine Line Fern Leaf Buckthorn Zone 2-7
Fine Line Fern Leaf Buckthorn are narrow shrubs that can be placed in hedgerows for privacy. They can be used as an accent plant in a container and are perfect for small landscapes. Fine Line can grow as tall as 6-8 feet and only 2-3 feet wide. They are easily adaptable and prefer well-drained soil. Pruning is not required, and Fine Line can tolerate dry conditions. This shrub attracts birds with its berries, boasts orange leaf color in the fall, and is great for framing entrances to your landscape.

Fine Line Fern Leaf Buckthorn

3. Rose of Sharon Zone 5-9
Rose of Sharon is a type of hibiscus that blooms midsummer to fall. It is popular because of its bloom that happens when other plants growing season has slowed. This plant has many colorful blooms that love the heat and it is tolerant of drought. The Rose of Sharon can grow as tall as 10-12 feet and is happy in full sun or part shade. There are many varieties of Rose of Sharon with many different flower types, colors and sizes. Rose of Sharon is excellent for urban gardens because of its ability to handle pollution and unwanted weather conditions.

Rose of SharonRose of SharonRose of Sharon

All three of these plants can be charming accents to your landscape. If you have questions about maintenance, reach out to Fossil Creek Nursery at 970.226.4924.