Roses: History and Care

June 18th, 2018

June is National Rose Month! Roses are probably one of the most recognizable flowers, but do you actually know about them and how to give them the proper care they need? Here are 5 facts you probably didn’t know about roses:

  • Sunlight: Roses love sun! When you are planting roses, make sure that they are put in a spot where they will receive at least 5 or 6 hours of sun a day. Roses who don’t receive enough sunlight will weaken over time.
  • Planting: It’s recommended to use lots of organic matter when planting roses. This means to dig a hole larger than you need. Amend the soil well before backfilling.
  • Watering: Roses love a good soaking rather than a light watering. Soak the ground twice a week so that the water can reach all the way to the deepest roots (the ground should be moist, not muddy). Roses are also prone to fungal diseases, so do your best to avoid overhead water and getting water on the leaves in order to avoid these diseases.
  • Pruning: Every spring, roses will need to be pruned. Watch out for thorns! Use shears to deadhead and cut back old plant material. Make sure to clean out all trimmed debris from the flower bed. If left there, it can encourage diseases and insects.  Be sure to identify what type of rose you have in order to determine the proper pruning practices (we can help you with this).
  • Winterizing roses: Maybe you’ve heard of it, but do you know what it means? Stop fertilizing and pruning your rose bushes about a month and a half before the first frost. You don’t want to encourage new growth right before they freeze. Hybrid-tea roses should have the crowns insulated with mulch through the winter months.

Now that you’re more in the know about roses, go pick out a new plant to celebrate the summer! Fossil Creek Nursery has many varieties of roses to choose from. Can’t wait to see you there!