With a pumpkin and some spice, together they make everything nice!

October 10th, 2017

Thank goodness we live in a world where there are Octobers. As one of our favorite months of the year, October brings swift weather changes, harvest season and a craze for pumpkin spice everything.  

That being said, pumpkins have been used over the years as front porch decorations, a pie-eating contest staple and the signature mascot of fall. While you’re carving your Halloween-inspired design on the front of your hand-picked, orange friend, imagine the smell of a roasting snack sneaking up your nostrils. Set aside the seeds while carving to use to cook up something that’ll leave you wishing October was a year-round calendar month.

Sweet or savory, here are two pumpkin seed recipes that we swear by for roasting your seeds.

It’s not a trick, but it is a treat!

The recipe for cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds by the one and only, Betty Crocker is so good that it’s scary. Prep time takes five minutes, the total time is only 25 minutes, and you’ll be done carving your pumpkin at the same time that the oven for these sweet treats dings.

Get the sweet recipe here!

Hocus pocus, these pumpkin seeds will help you focus!

Don’t quote us on that, but it could happen. More of a savory type person? This recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar to bring you a flavor explosion with every seed. Cook time is a little longer, sitting at 45 minutes, but trust us when we say that this unusually, tasty snack is worth the wait.

Follow the savory seed recipe here.

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