Preventing Messy Fruit & Promoting Better Growth

April 19th, 2011

Do you have a tree that gets unwanted fruit, like crabapples?  Did you know that you can spray the tree during bloom time and not have to fight the fruit or at least diminish the amount of fruit you have to deal with. The product to use is called Florel.

In Colorado, in general things grow slowly. Feeding them can help them grow faster. If you want your tree to perform like an athlete, than you will need to feed it like an athlete. Here at the nursery we are getting 18-inch to 3-foot of growth a year out of a swamp white oak by fertilizing it in the spring. The best time to fertilize trees and shrubs is between May 1st and July 15th. May is always the best, but if you don’t have time in May, try to get it done before July 15th. This is because trees and shrubs have to harden off before winter here in Colorado. Maples and oaks are especially heavy feeders and can become iron deficient with time. Therefore, it is a good idea to feed them starting the year after they are planted. I recommend Jirdon’s Tree and Shrub Fertilizer, especially for the oaks and maples, if not for all of your trees and shrubs.