Planting Container Grown Nursery Stock

May 13th, 2021

Before planting, keep the plant in a cool area and away from direct sunlight and water daily until planted. When moving the tree to the planting location, refrain from carrying the plant by the trunk or stem.


To prepare the hole: dig the hole twice as wide as the container size and 1-2” shallower. Add 1/3 Cotton Burr Compost or Soil Pep to the soil taken out of the hole and mix well.  Be sure to bust up clay chunks!


Remove the container from the plant either by cutting it off or by tapping the container off. Be sure to keep the root ball together on the plant.


If roots appear to be tightly wound around the outside of the root ball; cut a small slit into the root ball in three to four places around the ball. This will encourage the roots to grow out and anchor into the soil instead of continuing to spiral.


Backfill the hole with the amended soil and stake the plant. Place one stake to the Northwest and one to the southeast. Leave stakes on for one year, longer depending on wind conditions. Water thoroughly by placing the hose into the hole and allowing it to run slowly until it bubbles out of the hole.  Backfill the hole again after the water has pulled the soil down into the hole. The plant will need to be watered on a regular basis until established.   


Do not replace the sod around the tree. Make a ring around the tree with a layer of course mulch 2-3 inches deep, making sure that mulch is not up against the trunk. 


Wrap tree trunk with tree wrap at Thanksgiving and remove at Easter to prevent sunscald.  Water twice per month in the winter on warmer days (preferably 50° F or above).

Water requirements in spring and summer will vary depending on temperature, soil, microclimate, etc. Please monitor 2-3 times a week and water accordingly.  To determine your soil’s moisture content: Take a handful of soil near the root ball, about 8 inches deep. Form a ball.  If it maintains its shape then there is no need for water. If the ball falls apart, then water.


Do not prune for the first three years. The only pruning that should be performed is on broken branches.


We hope that this helped! Please call with any questions or concerns!