Our New Houseplants

July 18th, 2020

With temperatures breaking the triple digits, it’s hard to spend too much time outside. Luckily, we’ve just received a new shipment of cool houseplants, so you can enjoy your plants with the comfort of A/C! Here’s a couple of our favorites this month.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

The ZZ plant is perfect for beginners! It needs indirect light, so don’t place it in a window where it will receive intense sunlight. ZZs are native to eastern Africa and are used to limited water supplies, so it only needs to be watered whenever it is fully dry. Below the soil, you will find large ‘rhizomes’ that resemble potatoes. These rhizomes store water, making it more drought-resistant. They are also very resistant to diseases. ZZ can grow to be 2-3 feet tall and are great air purifiers.

Philodendron Swiss Cheese

You may be familiar with Philodendrons, but have you seen this ‘swiss cheese’ version before? They are named this way because of their unique leaves which are perforated and develop small ‘holes’ as they grow. Don’t worry, this is normal and is what gives the plant its unique appearance. These plants love to climb! Give them room to climb up a stake or trellis or allow their vines to sprawl along a long surface. Philodendrons love indirect sunlight and moist soil. Don’t ever let the soil dry out completely.

Ponytail Palm Tree

Despite its name, this plant is technically a succulent – not a tree! It has a large trunk which stores water and long, thin leaves that spring out of the top – some might say it represents a ponytail (hence the name). It loves bright light and grows well in semi-dry conditions. This means that the soil can dry out between waterings.

Snake Plant

We’ve featured this plant before – but it is a unique one that is perfect for your home or office! The Snake Plant goes by many names, including Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Sansevieria. They are also known to help remove toxins from the air. To care for your Snake Plant, keep it in indirect sunlight and allow the soil to dry out in between waterings.


Hoya plants come in different shapes and sizes, and we’ve got a few in the greenhouse right now! They love bright, natural light and need a well-draining soil. Water your hoya when the soil feels dry on the top, usually about once a week during the summertime.


Last but certainly not least, we have plenty of ferns in the greenhouse! Many ferns naturally grow in more tropical climates, and so in Colorado, they love moisture and humid conditions. You can mist your fern to help recreate this atmosphere in your home. Their soil should never dry out but be sure they are planted in a draining pot so that they don’t get too waterlogged. Ferns need low light, so keep them away from strong sunlight, especially in the summertime.


Did one of these houseplants catch your eye? Hurry on over to Fossil Creek Nursery to pick one up for yourself! In addition to these, we have many other houseplants, succulents, baby cacti, and air plants to add to your home. Looking for outdoor plants? We also have a wide selection of shrubs, trees, specialty evergreens, and even a few annuals and perennials still looking for their forever home. If you ever have any questions about your plants, our friendly plant experts will be happy to help you! Call us at 970-226-4924 or stop by at 7029 S College Ave.