October Plants of the Month

October 4th, 2018

Looking to add new plants to your space? We asked a few employees at Fossil Creek Nursery and here are their top plant picks for October!

Coralbells, Zone 3-9

Coralbells are an easy-care perennial. They can grow 1 to 3 feet in height and 6-18inches wide. Coralbells are a low-maintenance plant and grow best in places that are drier with more drainage. Coralbells can have green, pink, red, and white flowers with gold, silver, and burgundy colored foliage. Coralbells attract birds and are a good plant to grow in containers.


Little Bluestem, Zone 3-9

Little bluestem is a fine, blue-green grass with silver seed heads. This grass can grow 1-3 feet tall. Little bluestem grass turns a rosy color in the fall and can be found across North America. This grass is adaptable to most soils but prefers drier conditions. It is the perfect plant to add structure and borders to your garden beds.

Little Bluestem

Fireside Ninebark, Zone 3-7

Fireside Ninebark is an easy to grow shrub that can grow in various light conditions. They can grow in dry or moist soil and are an excellent color contrast with their dark purple hue. This shrub can grow 5-7 feet in height and 4-6 feet wide. It has pink/white flowers that bloom in spring with foliage that turns deep purple in the fall.

Fireside Ninebark

Add some vibrant colors to your landscape with any one of these plants! These plants are sure to catch your eye in any garden. For any questions regarding Coralbells, Little Bluestem, or Fireside Ninebark, give the Fossil Creek Nursery staff a call today at 970.226.4924.