Mid-summer Yard Tips

July 11th, 2017

The temperatures are on the rise, here are some helpful tips to implement in your garden and yard this time of year:

What to do in the garden?

  • Add mulch to planting beds helps keep weeds away and valuable moisture in.
  • We have had quite a bit of moisture this year, but supplemental irrigation is required by many ornamental plants using a drip system. Drip systems on timers are handy to stay on top of routine watering and are a very effecient water delivery system in order to conserve resources!
  • Attract beneficial insects by planting perennials such as Salvias, Penstemon, Yarrow, and Delphinium.

Harvest time is fast approaching:

  • As soon as you have seen your first crop of vegetables, harvest them right away. This will ensure optimal production. That being said, leave those tomatoes until they are nice and ripe. Tomatoes that ripen on the vine will taste best.
  • Be sure to fertilize your garden regularly to ensure those veggies have plenty of nutrients to keep producing!
  • Start planning your Fall plantings. Cool season vegetables include kale, broccoli, spinach, and winter carrots, swiss chard, as well as beets and radishes do well in our area.

What to do in the lawn?

  • As temps soar your lawn growth will slow down, by watering for longer periods of time less frequently your lawn will develop deeper roots and become more drought tolerant. Remember with our clay soils that water can only percolate into the soil at a rate of aboue 0.1" per hour. Try implementing "cycle and soak" tactics, if you are going to water a zone for say 15 minutes, water for half of the time, then move the next zones and come back later to water the other half of the time. This will help elminate runoff and make sure more water gets to the plants, not in the gutters.
  • Mowing this time of year will become less frequent. Increase the height of the mower blade to protect your lawn from the hot summer sun. The shorter you cut your lawn, the more water it will use and stress it will endure.
  • Continue weeding dandelions and applying weed control as needed. Remember that a healthy lawn will out-compete most weeds, so the best weed prevention in the lawn is by keeping your turf healthy and happy!