May Featured Plants

May 10th, 2019

This month we have several favorites – both trees and shrubs! Click on any of the names of the plants below to see specific details about size, moisture requirements, seasonal colors, and more.


Crabapple Red Baron

This tall, narrow tree produces beautiful red/purple foliage with dark red fruit. It’s known for being one of the most beautiful crabapples in the fall because of its remarkable color, which turns to yellow and orange. It requires minimal water and does well in full sun.

Oak Scarlet Letter

Looking for a tree that will turn a brilliant red in the fall? The Oak Scarlet is the one you’ve been waiting for. When mature, it can reach 50 feet tall with full sun and moderate moisture.

Chokecherry Canada Red

Fragrant white flowers in the spring result in dark, edible fruits mid-summer. This tree will bring a variety of birds to your yard and will grow quickly. It does best in full sun and requires a moderate amount of water.


Ninebark Little Devil

A sibling of the ninebark, the Little Devil is more rounded and compact. It has deep burgundy foliage and produces white flowers throughout June and July. Topping out at about 3-4 feet high, this shrub can be a perfect border plant. It will thrive in full sun and with moderate water.

Lilac Sensation 

This beautiful hybrid produces fragrant purple flowers with a white border. May is when they are thriving and producing flowers. This shrub will reach 8-10 feet tall and needs full sun and moderate water.

Quince Scarlet Storm

Do your shrubs suffer as deer snacks? The Quince Scarlet Storm is deer resistant and produces a gorgeous deep red flower in the springtime. Plant it in full sun and give it moderate water.

Burning Bush Fireball Compact

This shrub is rightfully named ‘burning bush’ as a result of its thick green foliage turning to a brilliant red in the fall. This is the more compact form of the plant. It requires full sun and a moderate amount of moisture.

Daphne Carol Mackie

This mound-shaped shrub is a broad-leaf evergreen that produces very fragrant pink flowers during the spring. It will do best in partial shade and requires very moist soil to thrive. It will reach 2-3 feet high when fully grown.