June Featured Plants

June 13th, 2019

What’s blooming at the nursery this month? The answer: a lot! We’ve gathered together a few of our favorite plants, trees, and shrubs right now that you should definitely come say hello to while they’re looking their best.  

Purple Robe Locust

This beautiful tree is boasting some gorgeous blooms right now. They are a violet purple and will add a gorgeous splash of color to your landscape. This tree can grow to be 30-40 feet tall at full maturity and requires minimal water, making it perfect for our northern Colorado climate.

Crimson Spire Oak

A popular tree because of its unique shape, this oak will turn a beautiful red in the fall. It will grow to about 45 feet tall with moderate amounts of water and full sun. It is a great tree for smaller landscapes.

Weigela Sonic Bloom

The weigela is a fun shrub that comes in multiple colors! We have pink and red available at the nursery right now. It’s in bloom right now and will add a lot of color to your yard. It will do well in partial shade and only needs moderate amounts of moisture.

Spirea Birchleaf

If you stop by the nursery right now, you’ll see that this spirea has beautiful clusters of white flowers. It’s a smaller shrub that requires full sun and moderate amounts of water.

Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush

Who doesn’t love a butterfly bush? These shrubs can be trimmed down every year and will grow back just as full and luscious as before. Each stem will produce blooms with full sun and moderate moisture requirements.

Red Yucca

This plant thrives in the desert and therefore does very well in the Colorado region. This particular variety boasts beautiful red blooms in July and August. It will do best in full sun and requires xeric amounts of water.


Also referred to as Royal Gold, this shrub will take your breath away. It erupts into beautiful yellow flowers during the summer months. What’s even better is it will grow well in dry soil with full sun and just a little bit of water!

Bird’s Nest Spruce

Named for its unusual, flat-topped appearance, this spruce is the perfect shrub to line your landscape. It will require partial shade and a moderate amount of water.