July Featured Plants

July 17th, 2019

We’ve picked out a few special plants for you this month. Many of these varieties are on sale now, so check the Specials page on our website for current sales and deals! Several of these are also in bloom right now, so stop by our nursery at 7029 S College Ave to see the beautiful flowers and chat with a knowledgeable employee.


You’re used to seeing yellow daylilies, but there are so many other available colors! Choose from cream, orange, purple, yellow, or even pink. They do well in full sun and require only a moderate amount of water.

Blackbeard Penstemon

Looking for a dark, daring plant? This penstemon produces beautiful purple blossoms amongst dark purple stems and leaves. This shrub can grow to be 24”-36” tall and blooms during the summer with full sun and moderate amounts of water.


Who doesn’t love crabapple trees? It produces gorgeous pink or white blossoms in the springtime. This tree can grow very tall, up to 25’ high, and thrives in full sun and very minimal water. We also have 25% off of B&B crabapples at Fossil Creek Nursery from now until July 24!

Chokecherry Canada Red

Another beautiful, blooming tree is the Chokecherry. This variety produces beautiful white flowers in the springtime and turns deep red in the fall. The blossoms are very fragrant and turn to edible fruits for birds. It requires a moderate amount of water and full sun.


The Hosta is easily recognized for its deep, dark green, heart shaped leaves with white edges. It produces lavender flowers in late summer (July and August) and is a shrub that likes shade. It needs a moderate amount of water.

Edelweiss Grape

Have you always wanted to grow your own grapes? The Edelweiss Grape is a fabulous option. Its high sugar content makes it the perfect choice for desserts and wines. Grapes need full sun and a moderate amount of water.

Helene Rose of Sharon

Our #5 Rose of Sharons are 25% off from now until July 24! The Helene variety is an excellent choice. It produces beautiful white flowers with red centers and blooms from June until September. It can handle partial shade and partial sun and does best with moderate amounts of water.

Autumn Blaze Maple

The B&B Autumn Blazes are 25% off until July 24 at Fossil Creek Nursery. This striking tree is a cross between a silver and red maple. It can grow quite large and can reach 50’ tall at fully maturity. It needs full sun and moderate amounts of water.

Crimson Sentry Maple

Looking for a crimson red tree to spice up your yard in the fall? Look no further than the Crimson Sentry Maple. This tree is perfect for small landscapes and does great with full sun.