How to Keep Pesky Rabbits Away!

May 11th, 2018

While we love them at Easter time and their fluffy cotton ball tails can be adorable, we don’t love them in our gardens and yards! Rabbits lose a little cuteness when they’re munching down on all of your beautiful plants that you cared so well for. If your yard is prone to the little creatures, here are some tips to safely and humanely keep rabbits out of your yard.


1. Fencing: Adding wire fences around young trees and plants can help protect them from rabbits. Fences must be 2-3 feet high and at least six inches in the ground since rabbits can dig below them.

2. Scare Devices: Fake snakes and owls or loud noises can often scare rabbits away. Be sure to continually move them or the rabbits will grow accustomed to them and they will no longer be effective. Ultrasonic repellents also can be effective, emitting lights and high pitched noises to frighten the rabbits away. There are also electronic repellents that spray approaching rabbits with bursts of water.

3. Eliminate Cover: Rabbits are looking for places to live that offer them protection from predators. To make your yard less inviting, block entrances under porches or sheds, clean up debris in your yard, keep tall grasses mowed, fill in abandoned burrows with gravel, and try to maintain growth so there are fewer hiding places for rabbits.

4. Repellents: Rabbits have heightened senses of smell, and therefore repellents with strong odors can be enough to keep them away. Granular repellents can be spread around the edge of your yard and gardens, or liquid repellents can be sprayed onto surfaces and plants.

5. Household Pets: Having a dog in your yard can often keep rabbits far away. If you already have one, maybe consider letting him have some extra time to roam the yard and guard your vegetable garden!
Trapping: Live trapping and relocation is an option, although it can be expensive, time-consuming, and only addresses one rabbit at a time. But there are live rabbit traps that can be used. When you capture a rabbit, relocate it at least 5 miles away from your home. Be sure to check local ordinances on trapping guidelines for your area before moving any animals.

You may find that some of these methods will be most effective when used simultaneously. It’s best to act fast since rabbits reproduce quickly. Stop into Fossil Creek Nursery today and ask about our rabbit resistant plants!