Fall Harvesting Tips

October 8th, 2018

The frost has not arrived yet along the Front Range so produce can continue to ripen. However, if you are looking to harvest and prepare this year’s crop, here are a few tips for picking your crops and to prolong your produces’ shelf life.

  • Cooler days are perfect for harvesting. Early morning is the best for this is when vegetables have the highest water content.
  • When harvesting plants from your garden, be sure to use pruners or knives to carefully remove the produce from the plant.
  • When purchasing pumpkins from the store, be sure to purchase ones with the stems still intact. Stems will elongate the life of the pumpkin.
  • For root crops picked in the fall such as carrots, beets, radishes, and turnips, do not get them wet for it will shorten their shelf-life.
  • Keep root crops dry, unwashed and wrapped in ventilated plastic to last through the fall.
  • Storing crops in cooler areas such as a basement will help prolong their life.
  • Crops such as broccoli and cauliflower need airflow to keep from going bad. Wrap loosely with ventilated plastic and keep in the refrigerator.

For more fall harvest tips, you can ask our friendly staff at Fossil Creek Nursery. 970.226.4924.