Every rose has its name, just like every night has its dawn

June 7th, 2017

With June being national rose month, we only found it fitting to talk roses.

We all know that every rose has its thorn, but did you know that every rose also has its own name?!Many roses are not named for the qualities that they have as a flower, but the qualities the person theyare named after possesses. From the Jack Frost to Sea Gull, we were just as curious as you about whererose names come from.

How Roses Get Their Names

Before the 1950’s, roses were typically named after royalty, deceased notables, or relatives of thegrower. They since have taken their names from many well-known public figures to national, seasonaloccurrences or events.

To rose breeders who spend years developing their roses, the name is incredibly important to them andnot just any name will do. Shakespeare’s infamous line proposing that a rose by any other name wouldsmell as sweet just won’t do for these rose breeders. They typically start the process by crossinghundreds of rose plants to yield 3,000-5,000 new seedlings, about half of which will germinate. Eachyear, breeders produce more complex crosses than ever before.

Once their flowers have been perfected, it is entirely up to the grower on how they choose to nametheir plants. The roses with more generic names usually give clues to the rose’s physical appearance orthe way they grow.

Some of our rose name favorites:

  • Babe Ruth
  • Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Laura Bush
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Cinderella
  •  Artic Snow
  • Butterfly Wings

At the nursery, our Fossil Creek experts can direct you to the specific rose plants you may be looking for.In Colorado, roses tend to be easier to care for than anticipated. With low humidity levels, fungusdiseases are harder to develop, helping protect your plants to produce thriving, beautiful flowers. Stopby tomorrow between 9 am- 7 pm to see our selection!

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