Daylilies for Summer Color

July 7th, 2016

Daylilies have been a staple in gardens across the Front Range for many years. These perennials are easy to grow, very adaptable to different conditions and are widely available in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Some daylilies are repeat bloomers, putting out new flowers all summer long, while other bloom for a relatively short 2-3 week period each year. Right now is a great time to come to the nursery and shop for daylilies while they are in bloom! We currently have around 50 different varieties in stock, but here are just a few of the varieties that are looking especially nice right now:

Barbara Mitchell Daylily

Barbara Mitchell - This variety boasts big, 6" diameter ruffled soft pink flowers in mid-season with the potential to rebloom. This variety has won multiple awards.

Lullaby Baby Daylily

Lullaby Baby - This variety has near white blooms with a faint blush pink hue on 3.5" diameter flowers that are slightly fragrant. Lullaby Baby is an early season bloomer with the potential to rebloom. 1998 All American Daylily Selection.

Indian Sky Daylily

Indian Sky - 5.5" diameter gold flowers with a deep red eye and green throat. Indian Sky is a mid-summer bloomer.

Crimson Pirate Daylily

Crimson Pirate - "Spider" type daylily with vibrant red flowers with yellow midribs. 

Stop by the nursery today to see our full selection, with a plant this easy, every gardener from novice to expert can have big color in their yard!