Be Happy with Houseplants

December 3rd, 2018

The mood-boosting, healthy effects indoor plants have on our wellness and our home

With the cold weather creeping in and the sun setting earlier, it’s time to bring the outdoors inside! Houseplants are the perfect way to still feel close to nature and to continue to dream of those warm summer days. Not only do houseplants add a pretty aesthetic to your home, but they also provide plenty of health benefits too. By adding a few houseplants to your home, they can boost your health and add a pop of color to your life.

Enhance Your Mood and Health

Having plants in your home can be beneficial to your mood and your health. Surround yourself with nature and you can see your mood change for the better. Some indoor plants have calming and healing type powers. Lavender can be used to lower anxiety and stress, and snake plants can prevent headaches by improving air quality. While most plants cease photosynthesis at night, succulents and orchids can help you sleep better by still emitting oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide.

Houseplants can often reduce carbon dioxide levels in your home and make the air purer with their release of fresh oxygen. They can reduce pollutants by absorbing gases through their leaves and roots. Since indoor plants require warmer temperatures, they can also help increase humidity in your home.

Add a Natural Look to Your Space

Houseplants are commonly used in home decorating. They can add personality and style to any space of your home. Two important things to remember when decorating with live plants is the arrangement and drainage.

It is important to arrange your houseplants to create a cohesive look. A mix of pot shapes and plant sizes can accent a corner or an old fireplace. Small plants can be hung on a shelf on the wall or from the ceiling, while large plants add an instant wow factor behind your couch or by a chair.

Some indoor plants require frequent regular watering and others do not. Be sure you are aware of which types of plants you buy and how much maintenance is required. Succulents do not have to be watered frequently, while other houseplants require a humidity tray or proper drainage systems to continue to grow. Make sure you keep to your schedule and know the maintenance needs of your plants.

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