Attracting Pollinators

August 3rd, 2021

When we think pollinators, we often think of bees. But, did you know that there are over 200,000 species of animals and insects that aid the pollination process ranging from bees to butterflies, bats to mice? Keeping gardens and outdoor landscapes as pollinator-friendly spaces is essential to maintaining healthy, happy plants. 

As humans, we rely a great deal on pollinators. Not only do they help secure food sources, but pollinators are critical in the production of medicines, fibers, spices, and much more.  Making their job easier is the goal for our gardens so that we can build mutually beneficial relationships with pollinators- we give them the plants they need or like, they keep our plants alive. 

There are many ways you can attract pollinators to your landscapes. 

  • Attractive gardens attract pollinators.
    • Different pollinators are attracted to different types of plants. Having a variety of textures, colors, scents, sizes, and plant types within your gardens not only creates aesthetically pleasing spaces but invites all kinds of pollinators to keep plants healthy! 
  • Read and reduce when it comes to chemical use.
    • When using any sort of chemical in your gardens, begin by reading the labels. Use only as instructed per the label to ensure that the chemicals are not harmful to pollinators. While Integrated Pest Management techniques to control insects and diseases are usually encouraged, we recommend checking out your options on controlling pests without controlling pollinators. 
  • Pollinators like water just like plants do!
    • This step to keeping pollinators happy is often overlooked- Just like your plants, pollinators like a drink of water every now and then! Water sources could be from anything like a water feature, birdbath, or decorative saucer filled with water. Our experts can help you find a water feature that fits with and matches the reputation of your garden. 

Trying to attract a specific pollinator? Here are a couple of plant options to consider. 

  • Follow the BUTTERFLIES: Yarrow, Butterfly Weed, Aster, Butterfly Bush, Trumpet Vine, Coreopsis, Larkspur, Coneflower, Joe Pye Weed, Gazania, Daylily, Hibiscus
  • Keep calm and BEE happy:  Blanket flower, Aster, Tickseed, Sunflower, False sunflower, Salvia, Russian Sage, Lavender, Roses, Crabapples, Apples, Hyssop, Bidens, Raspberry, Beardtongue, Flax, Geranium, Bluemist Spirea, Sedum
  • Quick as a HUMMINGBIRD: Red Horsechestnut, Hyssop, Hollyhock, Columbine, Trumpet Vine, Crocosmia, Foxglove, Cardinal Flower, Honeysuckle, Desert Four O’Clock, Maltese Cross, Hummingbird trumpet


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