April's Featured Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

April 18th, 2019

What’s new at Fossil Creek Nursery? This month we’re featuring a variety of hardy plants and trees. If you’re looking for early blooms, lots of color, or fruit trees, take a look at this list or stop in and see them in person!  View more photos and details on our website at the links below.

Ninebark Fireside

This beautiful shrub offers an array of colors over the seasons. It has reddish new growth, pinkish-white flowers in the spring, and the foliage turns deep purple in the fall. It can grow to be 5’-7’ tall and 4’-6’ wide with moderate amounts of water. The Ninebark Fireside will thrive in full sun.

Tinkerbelle Lilac

This Fairytale series of dwarf lilac is a result of crosses made between S meyeri ‘Palabin’ and S microphylla ‘Superba’. It has a pleasing spice fragrance and wine-red buds opening to deep pink flowers. It will bloom in May and can reach 5’-6’ tall in full sun and moderate moisture.

Toscana Barberry

The leaves on the Toscana Barberry emerge red with a bright yellow margin. The yellow fades over the summer, but the leaves remain a vivid red. In the fall they darken into a beautiful burgundy. This plant will grow to be 3’-5’ tall with full sun and moderate moisture.

Alpine Currant 

If you’re looking for a hardy shrub with minimal moisture requirements, the Alpine Currant may be for you. It does well in full sun and will produce bright green foliage and dense growth. These shrubs are often used to create hedges. 

Pinky Winky Hydrangea

With a name as fun as this, the Pinky Winky Hydrangea has a lot to live up to! We assure you it does. This plant is hardy and does best in partial shade with moderate moisture. It produces beautiful 14” pink blooms and is able to survive northern Colorado winters without dying back to the ground like other hydrangea varieties.

Fine Line Buckthorn

This plant can be categorized as a ‘vertical accent plant’ and does well in both containers and gardens. It thrives in dry conditions with full sun and minimal moisture. It has beautiful, feathery foliage that remains green through the summer and turns yellow in the fall. It can reach 5’7’ tall and 2’-3’ wide.

KinderKrisp Apple

Because this apple tree is an early ripening variety, it produces much smaller fruit with an exceptional flavor. This makes it a great snack for packed lunches and kids. It produces white blossoms and can reach between 12’ and 15’. It does require full sun and moderate moisture.

Satellite Bosnian Pine

This tree can grow about 6’ in 10 years. It is considered a ‘fastigiate tree’, meaning it gets narrower towards the top with upright, clustered branches. At maturity, it will reach about 12’-15’ and be 3’-4’ wide. It does best with full sun and moderate moisture.

Find all of these options and more at Fossil Creek Nursery, located at 7029 S. College Ave, Fort Collins. Stop in for a visit or give us a call at 970-226-4924.