7 Spring Garden Prep Tips

March 10th, 2020

With temperatures in the 60s last weekend, turning of the clocks, and this bright sunshine, it’s hard not to dream of spring gardening! If your green thumbs are just itching to get outside, we have a list of activities you can do to get your garden ready for springtime.

  1. Prune your perennials – cut back the dead foliage to make room for new growth in your perennials. Divide any that have gotten too large for their pot and move to other areas of your garden.
  2. Prune roses – remove leaves, dead wood, weak growth, and sideways/crossing branches.
  3. Prepare your soil – soil preparation includes testing pH balance, tilling, and starting your compost pile! Knowing the pH balance of your soil can help you to choose an appropriate fertilizer. Over the winter months, your soil will have become compacted, so it is important to loosen it by tilling.
  4. Prepare your tools – gardening tools need to be taken care of, too! Clean, sharpen, and oil your tools to save yourself time and effort when it comes to the dirty work of gardening.
  5. Weeding – your vegetable garden needs a good spring cleaning! Rake out weeds and dead organic matter until just bare soil is exposed.
  6. Mulching – mulching helps your landscape to conserve its moisture, delays freezing, and will protect your plants and their roots. Mulch also prevents weeds from growing!
  7. Seed starting – now is the time if you want to start your garden from seeds this year. You can also attend our seed starting class on March 14, 2020 for help and tips from our gardening pros!

Once your garden is prepped and ready, you can begin planting hardier flowers and plants as soon as the soil is workable. Some vegetables, like spinach and onions, can grow in cooler springtime weather. Others you should wait until after the last frost, usually around Mother’s Day. If you have questions about what to plant and when, just ask our staff at Fossil Creek Nursery!

We’re also now operating on springtime hours. We are open Monday-Saturday from 9-5 and on Sundays from 9-4. Feel free to pop in during those times to browse our ever-changing selections or chat with a friendly staff member (aka our “gardening gurus”)!